Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bentley's visions and experiences

In this post, I intend to give you a list of some of the experiences Bentley is claiming. I don't have many comments of my own to add, because really the experiences should speak for themselves. Either he really has had these experiences and they are from God and we should receive him as someone of great authority, or he is deluded and deceiving and we should seek to expose him as such. Read these stories and let me know what you think!

When he was in Redding, California Jesus literally appeared to him in the flesh. He had eyes just like Bambi and he placed his hands upon Todd's shoulder.

Shortly after his conversion he was knocked out of his body by an angel and had to fight with the angel in order to find his way back into his body. As he did so, he discovered that this was his own angel.

Also shortly after his conversion he saw the tree of life about 20 foot tall literally in his apartmet living room.

In one of his third heaven experiences Bentley had a conversation with the apostle Paul who gave him the answer to the 2000 year old debate on who actually authored Hebrews, informing Bentley that he (Paul) himself was in the third heaven conversing with Abraham who helped him write the epistle and that is why it has long been debated.

In another trip to the third heaven Todd found himself on an operating table where angels were cutting him open and putting boxes into him. These boxes represented God supernaturally placing in him the character that it takes 40 years for most Christians to obtain in their struggle with their flesh. God did this because he lost track of time and with the notion of time which he himself created working against him- he had to find a "quick fix" to make up that lost time.

The angel that guides Bentley's ministry is the same angel that guided the ministry of William Branham- who denied the Trinity, taught that Eve had sexual relations with the serpent and conceived Cain by means of that union, believed that he was the second coming of Elijah the prophet, taught that he was the angel to the latter day church of Laodicea, and furthermore that by 1977 all denominations would be consumed into the World Council of Churches at which time the rapture would take place.

Bentley's spirit one time left his body and he found himself in the Himalayan mountains conversing with Indian Christian mystic Sadhu Sundhar Singh, who he learned the practice of contemplative prayer from. This same Singh believe in universalism, that no matter what people believe in the end all will be in heaven with out any eternal consequence for their sins.

Bentley's spirit once left his body and went to a prison cell where it proclaimed the gospel to prisoners.As I have said before, there are many stories that could be told about Bentley's claims but they are so numerous that if we were to write about all of them there would not be enough room in the world to contain the books that would be written.

If I may be sarcastic for a moment, if after reading all this you believe that Bentley did have all these experiences and that they are of God- I have some beach front property in Arkansas I am trying to sell- I will even give you a discount on it. Perhaps Bentley really does believe he had all these experiences and that they are indeed of God. If so, then that is only more cause to be concerned.

I would much rather think of him simply be a conartist deceiving the masses to make a big buck- then someone who sincerely believes all that he claims. However, the same mistake was made by people with Jim Jones in the 1970's. There are many who simply thought of him as a conartist manipulating people to make a big buck. Anyone who had friends and family who died in the greatest mass cult suicide in our history now regrets that they did not give a little more serious attention to the thought that Jim Jones might indeed believe what he said to the extent that he would get people to end their lives in death by drinking of the cyanide poison.

In full view of that fact, I can not and will not in good conscience treat Bentley as simply being a conartist. We really need to consider the question of whether or not we have another Jim Jones on our hand. If we do, we need to be bold and speak out like never before until we bring an end to this great demonic deception and see it sent straight back to the "pits of hell" where it came from.

In my next post, I will talk about Bentley's connection to the prophetic movement which was birthed in the 1980's. The post will contain the raw facts on leaders like Paul Cain and Bentley's mentor,Bob Jones who both have been allowed to minister in Lakeland in full view of acts of indecency that both men have committed. I will also talk about Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries and the conference he had earlier this year in which he honored the leaders of the Voice of healing revival in the 1940's and 1950's- in full view of the fact of the very dangerous heresies of some of these men honored- like William Branham.

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