Thursday, August 21, 2008

Todd Bentley's affair? and excessive drinking revealed!

I've withheld my comments on the Todd Bentley scenario this week waiting for more details to come out so as not to be hastily jump to conclusions. The initial statement released by Fresh Fire Ministries last Friday revealed that Todd Bentley had entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with another woman. I highly suspected that it was an actual affair, but didn't comment on it as I did not want to misrepresent the facts. Several sources close to the situation including friends of Bentley as well as both present and former staff members of Fresh Fire have stated that it was indeed an affair- apparently Todd's second in the last three years. In addition to that it has been revealed by John Arnott (pastor of the Toronto Blessing) who is close friends with Todd Bentley and was one of the "apostles" who commissioned him as a revivalist on June 23 that Todd Bentley also has an excessive drinking problem. While I do not rejoice in moral misconduct- it is a blessing to see the truth finally come out about a man that was clearly a false prophet from the beginning.

Now GodTV owes the world an apology for claiming in a commercial repeatedly aired on the network that "any criticism of Todd Bentley is demonic." Furthermore those who operate in the prophetic gift must explain why their prophetic gifting did not reveal to them that there was sin in the camp. While some have already acknowledged their error in endorsing Bentley others in the prophetic camp like Rick Joyner- pastor of Morningstar Fellowship Church in Rock Hill, SC continues to defend Bentley as "a greatly anointed man of God." Answering the question of whether or not Bentley's inevitably pending divorce should disqualify him from ministry, Rick Joyner once again manages to twist scripture out of context saying that "Bentley should not be disqualified on grounds that would disqualify God who himself went through a divorce as stated in Jeremiah 3." I am not saying that I think a divorce disqualifies from ministry. I simply point out the statement to show how scripture is being taken out of context in defense of a fallen leader. I pray to God not, but I would not at all be surprised if trends like the past repeat themselves and Bentley is seen back in action by the end of the year.

The following that Todd Bentley assembled around himself is a clear sign that the body of Christ needs to get into the scriptures and get the scriptures into them. Discernment has never been so lacking. Given the fact that Bentley rarely referenced or even mentioned the Bible, the only reason for him to have such a following is that many "Christians" are consumed with the same sign-seeking mentality that 2000 years ago led the Pharisees to reject Jesus as their Messiah and Lord. Sadly it's getting to the point to where someone might even be able to go on stage with a Ouija Board and use it call down the power of the Holy Spirit- and yet people would still follow them.

There is some serious clean up that needs to be done after yet another path of destruction by a clear false teacher and false prophet in Todd Bentley. In response to what I have seen these past four months, I am committed to being a part of the mission to expose the other false prophets as well praying that God will either lead them into the light of truth that is found in Christ Jesus, or that he would tear down the high places that is their ministry. This includes other members of the Prophetic Movement like Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, Mike Bickle, Patricia King etc. as well as teachers in the Word of Faith Movement like Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, etc. The apostle Paul himself took false doctrine very seriously and dealt with it very visciously. We should respond in the same manner. While false prophets will always be entering into our midst, we can not be complacent like we have over the past 50 years for that has allowed Satan to gain a huge foothold on us. I ask you at the very least to pray for me and the others who seek to expose the false teachers while pronouncing the truth of the Gospel.


AristotleAstonimous said...

Sadly, it appears that Joyner and some of the other so-called prophets would be defending Bentley even if he had killed someone. They would compare him to Moses or David or Paul just as Ryan Wyatt has currently compared Bentley to Christ, saying his critics are like those who cried, "Crucify him." The sickness continues.

The common excuse -- too blame God because Todd was allegedly overworked and stressed by "almost 100 days straight of constant ministry" is factually false as well as Spiritually erroneous. First, Bentley constantly took breaks from Lakeland, at first for weekends, but half-way through, he was gone for weeks at a time and guest speakers were common. Further, he did not work an 8, 10, or 12 hour shift. The services were never longer than a few hours, and most of that time was devoted to worship, not Bentley's histrionics.

Most importantly, when God is moving, He does not overtax and weakend His people, causing them to fall into sin. Instead, they are strengthened and enlivened. Those of us who have been in real revival know that you can go for everynight for months and be surprised at the supernatural strength you find to continue in the Glory. In short, if God was really in it, Bently would not have been involved in an affair and drinking heavily while it was going on, and would not have fallen into sin in the midst of a move of the Holy Ghost.

Maga said...

Are you still investigating "false prophets"? Are you in Florida?